Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Basic Bicycle Maintenance Workshop at Shimano Cycling World

The paddlers who also pedal.

Joined by 2 other paddlers I met at a Level 2 coaching course for kayaking, I went down for the very Basic Bicycle Maintenance Workshop by Shimano Cycling World at the Singapore Sports Hub.

It was really very basic and not really hands on, but would have been very useful if I was a new cyclist.

A very 5S setup.

Some of the topics covered was adjusting brakes (caliper, v-brakes and disc brakes), changing of an inner tube and pre-ride checks.
The good thing was that after the session, the trainer/marketer, Dicky welcomed everyone to come down and play with the DuraAce Di2 equipped sample bicycle. Some participants stayed back to try removing and putting back the rear wheels, I asked some questions on disc brakes and requested for another demo on how to centre the brake pads.

Ultimately, as I've said, it was a basic session and the trainer recommended going to a local bike shop for more advanced stuff. Have to admit it was pretty interesting, but I was disappointed that he did not go on to show how to replace disc brake pads :(

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cycling to Coney Island!

After having cycled past the entrance to Coney Island countless times, I finally went inside for a ride!
I usually ride around the PCN on my roadie commuter setup which unfortunately means it wouldn't be comfortable riding in the "trails" of the Coney Island Park Connector.
I cycled in via the gravel/sandy path next to the Lorong Halus Bridge to reach the East Entrance. I definitely wouldn't advice anyone on a road bike to ride in via this route unless you don't mind the extremely bumpy ride.

Good thing I came on my All Terrain Commuter setup. Riding on this terrain, Riding this trail, I realised I've forgotten how comfortable it was to ride knobbies and front shocks.


Came out via the West Entrance 2.4km later. Didn't take much pics because it started to rain shortly after I entered the island :(

Monday, March 21, 2016

Checking out small wheeled bicycles

I have been having thoughts of replacing my road bike with 700cc wheels with a folding bicycle or mini velo with 20inch wheels. I went around the Marina Reservoir area on Saturday using a Giant mini velo and a Strida. I believe the mini velo had 20inch wheels while the Strida had 16inch wheels.

I cycled approximately 11+km on each bicycle to get a feel of the bicycles.

Starting things off with the Giant Escape Mini which was a 7 speed bike, I cycled towards the Gardens by the Bay. The route was mostly flat, but I found myself struggling a little. Perhaps I was too used to having toeclips on my own bike.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Bad, bad year

2010 hasnt been very kind.
I got dengue for the second time earlier this year which meant no sports for 2 months. Dengue is also known as Dengue Hemorrhagic Fever, this means if I were to injure myself, the blood would not clot and I may bleed to death. Also, the doctors kept telling me that the second time is usually worse than the first.
In short, no cycling.

Then I overworked myself and strained my wrist, shoulder and knee. This was made worse when I hit a curb while learning to ride a motorcycle and fell. Stubbornly, I ignored the injuries and carried on coaching kayaking until the pain became unbearable.

Now that Im better, school is taking up most of my time.

Probably wont be posting anything till November, if the desire to ride is still in me...

Saturday, July 10, 2010


Found an alternative route that avoids the ridiculous Bendemeer junction on my commute to Kallang.
From Upper Serangoon Rd, turn into Wan Tho Ave and use these small roads to reach Macpherson Rd where the Royal Sporting House building is. From here, I will still need to go through the construction detour, however, I need not filter lanes and can stay on the left side.
Just need to watch out for the PIE exit when approaching Bendemeer Rd.

On the subject of commuting, anyone noticed that they're paying quite a bit more for the bus fares? My bus fare to school has increased by 25% since SBS changed to the new distance fare rates on 3rd July.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

For the handyman commuters

For those of you who unlike me are more technically inclined, here's an interesting project you may be interested in.

How to make your own box bike or "Bakfiets" in Dutch. Saw quite a few of these in Amsterdam.

how to build a cargo bike - More DIY How To Projects

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Long time no commute

I havent been commuting for a really long time. I believe it has been 5 weeks.
However, by not cycle commuting, I've actually been able to enjoy the food at my favourite nasi padang stall in the army market after coaching/paddling at Kallang. I also dont have to worry about where I lock my bicycle. Its more sociable this way too since I get to go makan with friends.

Suprisingly, I dont miss cycle commuting all that much. But of course, public transport can still be a pain at times. My interest in cycling seems to be waning.


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