Wednesday, March 3, 2010


At the moment Im using a reflective vest (like those you wear when you kena CWO)during commutes before and after sunset.

As you can see, the vest Im using is actually a cheap version that doesnt come with the 2inch thick 3M reflective stripes, but I'll make do.

I found these really cool website, which sells lots of random stuff. What caught my eye was the free international shipping.
Thinking of getting a 1W flashlight with strobe function and reflective wrist strips with LEDs for commuting. These supposedly are made with 3M Scotchbrite reflective material, so its good stuff.

I can put these reflective LED strips on my ankles to increase my visibility! Besides the ankle bands and flashlight, Im also thinking of getting a brighter rear light. My current $2 one with 5 LEDs have been serving me well even in the rain, but the brightness leaves much to be desired.

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