Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Bad air

The air quality has not been good recently. The air smells of smoke at night and its really annoying. Cycled to Lower Seletar Reservoir yesterday morning and it was not too pleasant as well. Lots of drivers doing stupid things like squeezing me out of the lane or speeding past me without really giving much leeway.
There was lots of construction going on near Seletar airport and I didnt have my glasses on. Ended up with grit in my eye which was really annoying. But once I went across yishun dam and into Yishun ave 1, the change was remarkable. I could smell the fresh air and it became much cooler. It was a nice change. Will probably wear my buff the next time I cycle that route.

My Look and Bernard's Cube LTD

My Look at Water-Venture (Lower Seletar)

Unfortunately, there was construction going on at Lower Seletar Reservoir Park, so it wasnt that nice.

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