Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Domino Effect

I've recently taken up some coaching assignments at Kallang that end at 1830hrs. This means cycling home during peak hour. Bumped into an uncle riding a Harris full-sus bike this evening along Kallang MRT stretch of road. Was stuck behind a car and wanted to get to the front of the long queue by squeezing in the gap between pavement and the cars. Didnt check my blind spot as I was moving off and bumped into the uncle. Lucky my reaction fast and I quickly apologized and gave a wave. So not much happened, the uncle gave an angry look and nodded his head.
But this was just the beginning. I started thinking of this incident as I was pedalling and forgot to signal my right turn while in Sims Drive. Lucky I stopped day dreaming in time and noticed there was a van behind me and a motorcycle on the opposite side trying to make a turn too.

Well, from then on I more or less focused on my riding till I got home. There was this nice indian man riding at abt 15km/h on his bike infront of me along Upp Aljunied, I didnt overtake since got too many cars. So I slowly pedalled behind him. At a red light, he stopped to the side and let me go in front! Nice guy.

Today's events remind me that I really need to be focused on the road. Riding through traffic is not the time to have my mind wandering.

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