Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thoughts on Bike Commuting

Here are my thoughts on bike commuting thus far.

Starting with the thing that annoys me most. Sweat.
By the time I reach my destination, I always end up sweaty. I used to cycle to school once a week but that sticky feeling even after wiping down in the toilet just gets to me. Some might say a change of clothes would be sufficient after a wipedown, but no, I still feel sticky and my hair gets all oily. I need to shower.
Nowadays, I only commute to kayaking. I wear my wet attire and cycle. Sweating like a dog wont matter since I'll be getting wet anyway.

Second on the list. Commuting speed, I used to pedal a quite fast, going at about 28-30km/h. Until I realised it only saves me a few minutes thanks to all the traffic lights.
Been reading about the slow bike movement and have tried cycling at 20km/h and I must say, its a much more comfortable pace, that is, if you dont have to filter to the right before making a right turn. Can you imagine pedalling at that speed while trying to filter lanes? The cars are just speeding by you, travelling at least 3 times of your speed.

And the thing that bugs me most? I still perspire, even when I cycle at 20km/h! Argh! The humid weather sure isnt helping.

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