Friday, May 22, 2009

Light, lighter, ridiculous.

Hmm.. there's a thread in the SMBF forum where pple are discussing about lightweight bottle cages.
Some are 25g, some 18g and someone mentioning one that weighs 5g?
Interesting to note that a Minoura Dura Cage weighs about 36g and costs $12, while a Arundel carbon cage weighs 25g and costs $60.
All that $$$ for 11 miserable grams???

Minoura vs Arundel

I seriously doubt an extra 11g worth of bottle cage weight is gonna slow you down that much even if you are a racer.



  1. right on. No difference at all, especially when you are going to put about 750 g of water + bottle in it :)

    it is ridiculous how much money one would spend when they say it is carbon fibre. I really wonder why one would want a carbon fibre water bottle holder. I see no structural reasons for it. Well when there is a market, there is going to be a business milking it.

  2. How much do laces in a show weigh?



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