Saturday, May 16, 2009

Last ride?

I only ridden my bike to school once this semester because my class was shifted to the 1st floor, which is actually more of a basement. The main lobby of SIM Management House is on the 4th floor, so Im actually at basement 2.
Now, the annoying thing is that they locked the stairs that are meant to be fire exits according to the fire escape plan.
First of all, thats just dangerous! Secondly, I cant bring my bike down to class inconspiciously. I've gotta bring it down the main staircase in full view of everyone.

Bike at the back of class

Today was my2nd time riding this semester and hopefully it'll be my last ride to Management House. It sure does make a huge difference, riding on a Saturday morning is so relaxing! Was only pedalling at about 20-25km/h and the 14km journey took me 45min.

Anyway, I realised there's a shower cubicle in school. Damn it. I find out only after studying at SIM Management House for the past year.

For potential bike commuters out there, the shower is located in the toilet located next to lecture room 4.01. This is for the male toilet btw, I didnt go into the ladies to check :)
If you're at SIM HQ, there's showers in the toilets at the 2nd and 4th level. There's also a bike rack in the carpark, so you dont have to lug your bike into class.

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