Sunday, May 10, 2009

Damned juvenile delinquents

Was cycling home from Pasir Ris Park today, moving at about 20km/h or along Tampines Road. After passing the junction of Hougang Ave 3, some young punks on their BMX and market bikes who were on the pavement saw me and dashed out onto the road and chased after me. Ignoring those little brats I carried on at 20km/h, however, due to the traffic I waited at the side of the road so I could filter lanes.
As I was waiting there, one of them decided to play chicken with me. He sprinted towards me and the rest followed, swerving off just inches away from me.
Seriously... I cycle on the roads alongside cars wand buses moving at 60-80km/h. Didnt even flinch.
Damned juvenile delinquents. Fucking scum. They should be taught a lesson.

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