Sunday, April 19, 2009

Bike commute in style!

I found this cool little site about cycling in Copenhagen called Copenhagen Cycle Chic. Apparently, its quite popular there. In fact, it seems everyone there rides, not on fancy bikes, but flying pigeon style bikes.
Read through the site and apparently, the average speed for commutes is 15km/h. Think they can do that because of the dedicated bike lanes there. I'll be sticking to a relaxing 20-25km/h for my commutes.

Quite an interesting site. Their concept is to get any bike as long as its the right size and decent enough not to fall apart. Dont think I'll bike around with a flying pigeon though. Think its gonna be too slow or tiring for longer distances, like my occasional trips up to Malaysia.

Currently looking out for a value for money mtb to use as a commuter cum touring bike.
Would a stock GT Avalanche 3.0 hold up for longer distances? Can get a lightly used one for $350.
Upgrading would definately push the cost up.
Or should I hold out for a bike with upgraded bike with higher end components and of course a higher price tag.

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