Saturday, March 7, 2009

Hell of a ride

Finished my exams yesterday and decided to join Midpoint on their Friday night ride.
It was just a simple west loop about 75+km.

Things went bad right from the start. I got cramps in my left calf on the way to Toa Payoh. We then set off and things were ok for the first 50+km. My calf muscle was tight, but it wasn't much of a hindrance.
During the rest stop at AJ Mart in Sungei Kadut, I bought a bottle of 100plus, my asthma acted up after drinking. Had some difficulty breathing.
I went along slowly so I wouldnt exert myself too much and pretty soon, my breathing was back to normal.
Unfortunately, my seat post was not fixed on properly after I cleaned it and it was rotated off towards the left abit. I think this caused my legs to be in a slightly awkward position and I ended up having cramps in my right thigh. Was reduced to cycling at 20-25km/h, incredibly slow speeds.

Need to start cycling more again...

On a more brighter note, I may have found a less hilly route back home from school.

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