Saturday, February 28, 2009

Slow Riders In Hougang

There's this group of riders in Hougang that formed a group in the Togoparts forum. They are the "Slow Riders In Hougang" and they do ride slow. Bunch of nice people and relatively slow.
They go at 25-30km/h at the beginning of the ride and slowly tire out till they move at 20km/h somewhere from the middle onwards.
Agonizing if you want a speedy ride, but great if you just wanna chill out. Which is exactly what I wanted today, a slack and slow ride.


We started from Hougang MRT bright and early at 6am in the morning, headed to Changi Village for makan, before going coastal, ECP and back to Hougang using Still Rd. The entire thing lasted 4hrs and we covered 48km, a real slack ride.

Met some guy who rides a $16,000 bicycle 0.O Can probably buy a nice motorbike with that amount. Its only 7kg though. The saddle is full carbon! Very cool.


  1. Hi I would like to check wif u guys, do u guys cycle on the road? When do u guys cycle?? Sat morning??

  2. Hi guys,Yes I like to know too do you guys ride on the road and which days please..



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