Friday, January 16, 2009

Muscle strain?

While cycling up the slope to enter the carpark in SIM, I think I strained a muscle. Kinda hurts. Not crippling, but the ache is there.

Quite a windy day, had a tail wind for one section along Lornie road and was moving at 45km/h without pedalling. Free boost for about 1.5km...

It wasn't all good though, some SUV or MPV, can tell the difference. A big ass car was trying to get into Lornie road from Thomson road. Usually cars give way to oncoming traffic and I would simply cycle pass the waiting car and move to the left so any other cars getting into Lornie road will pass by my right side.
Instead of giving way, this driver sped out. So there I was cycling at 45km/h in the 2nd lane from the left, next to the driver seat and he wanted to filter to the right lane -.-"
Ended up slowing down to let the driver overtake, so I can move to the left most lane.

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