Thursday, January 29, 2009

Commuting Speed

Today's commute was great. I went at a leisure pace and still managed to get myself to school within 45min. Realised that there isnt a point in speeding all the way because I'll still be stopped by traffic lights.

Going down the Adam Flyover is always fun, 45km/h without pedalling.

Today was also the day I did my commute home from school in the night. I left SIM HQ at abt 9pm and it was a nice leisure ride home. Best thing was I did the ride home without shifting gears at all!
Used the small chainring with the 5th cog. Felt the burn in my butt when going along Lornie Road, but that was about it. Awesome man...

Will probably need to change my chain. Everytime I go for a ride it slips off at least once.

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