Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Suicide Trip

I leave for the Malacca cycling expedition tomorrow. Many have said its dangerous or like a suicide trip. As the day draws near, Im kind of feeling the same way too. Yikes!
As usual I have doubts at the last minute and this inner doubt is a real problem. It has lead to anxiety attacks in the past where my heart beats real fast and I get all flustered.


  1. What is so dangerous cycling to Malacca? I did that twice and once to penang on a MTB..The only danger I can think of is the heavy headwind and the god damn rain that won't stop.

  2. Well, good for you then.

    Its just a fear that pple have having been brought up in Singapore where even "adventure" activities have many layers of redundencies. Safety vehicles, etc.
    Furthermore, there have been reports in our newspapers about drivers getting car-jacked up north.
    Local drivers also havent been co-existing with cyclists on the road for a long time and see cyclists as a nuisance. Not so in Malaysia. However, many pple assume this is the case everywhere and must be worse in a "lower class" country like Malaysia. Litle do they know its because M'sia is "lower class" that they are more accepting.

  3. Many have said its dangerous or like a suicide trip.

    Fear is infectious. If you listen to these clowns, you will never get anything done. Keep riding :-D



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