Thursday, December 11, 2008

Round Island

Did my first ever round island. This is actually to prep us for the upcoming Malacca trip. Jia lat, I dont think I have the mental drive to complete it. Kinda got bored after 50-60km. The fact that I skipped dinner didnt help much either. Bonked out at the 50km mark. Lucky I brought gatorade.
Felt much better after makan at Lau Pa Sat but by then knees abit aching from repetitive movement. Back also strained due to the set up of my bike.
Will have to try removing some spacers so I can get into the drop position more comfortably. Right now its set up so that the handlebar is same height as the saddle for a more comfy position when holding on to the hoods. Convenient when commuting as I can easily engage the brakes.

It took us 5.5hrs to complete the 118km. However, all of us are fresh save for Varun who did 100km yesterday.
Have to try riding tomorrow to simulate day 2 of riding . Will do 4 Punggol loops totalling 80km.

At Lim Chu Kang

My dinner cum supper

At Changi Beach Park

Speedo reading

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