Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 4: Batu Pahat to Singapore (160km)

Had to drag myself out of bed. Starting to feel fatigued and my legs are getting stiff. Forgot to stretch before sleeping last night.
On the bright side, we start when its brighter and warmer. Really cant tahan the cold early morning wind. My brain shuts down in those conditions.

Group photo in front of Darren's house

Left Darren's place at 0720hrs and went to the same coffeeshop for breakfast. Cycled on a boring road again and Varun had a flat at 0905hrs. Fixed it and went on our way. Unfortunately, he didnt realise that his tire was damaged. Something puncture the sidewall of his tire and there was a hole. His tubes were deflating slowly and we had used up all our inner tubes. Luckily, we patched up the tubes that could still be saved the night before.
We stopped at some kampung with a motorcycle shop and a eating place. First to fix the bike then have lunch. The motorcycle shop was located next to a workers' quarters. We drew the attention of some of them and they came to observe us.
This included one guy who was sharpening a knife before we came. Suddenly he walked over with knife in hand and asked where we were from. -.-"
Varun who was busy changing his inner tube struck a conversation with him not realising he was holding a knife when talking to us. Then he told us he was from Bangladesh and his brother is working in Singapore. Most interesting encounter of the trip...
Lucky nothing happened. Really looked as though he was about ot rob us. Haha.

Gunung Ledang in the background?

Rare pic of Varun front the front

It was pretty mundane after that. Everyone was just trying to get home ASAP. Things started to get more exciting when we were on the highway trying to get to Woodlands checkpoint. Really stressful to ride in those conditions. Cars speeding by you left and right. But, they give way!!! Its amazing. These people are are driving at 80-90km/h yet they give way, unlike the local drivers who are kings of the road.

We reached the JB checkpoint at 1620hrs and came out the Singapore side at 1640hrs. Much much quicker than trying to go in. Finally reached the end point in Rosyth Road at 1840hrs.

Glad to be home (:


  1. hi wow how u took that pic while riding?? sorry a newbie here :P

  2. hmm...
    1. ensure no traffic in front
    2. hold handlebar with one hand
    3. hold camera with other hand
    4. turn around and take photo
    5. quickly turn back in case u hit something :p



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