Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 3: Malacca to Batu Pahat (130km)

Met up with the Malaccan Rovers at 0730hrs for breakfast at the roti canai store nearby, started later because we stayed up late the night before for supper at the burger joint. Officially set off at 0805hrs. 24km later, got a flat on my rear tire.
Finally reached Muar again at 1024hrs. Just passing through this time. Roads were very busy and we were weaving in and out of traffic. Probably because its a Saturday morning.
The lot of us decided to try taking a more scenic route that goes through Bakri, adding about 10-20km.
Stopped somewhere in Bukit Bakri for a quick lunch before carrying on. Nothing much to talk about here cos its mainly boring straight roads where we can cycle for 40km without seeing a traffic light. Varun got a flat at about 1408hrs, fixed it and carried on again. More boring roads.

Fixing the flat

Getting my chain fixed

Just after we crossed Sungei Batu Pahat, my chain broke! Was about 500m away from a bike shop, so just let them fix it for RM4.
Finally reached Darren's house at 1640hrs. Much later than expected due to all the technical problems. Very tiring day.

Darren brought us to dinner and then we drove up to Yong Peng to attend a campfire. Not very interesting... But got to eat ice kacang and chin chow at a dessert stall there! Yong Peng is predominently chinese.
The original plan was to cycle here but due to lack of accomodation, we ended up staying at Darren's place in Batu Pahat instead.

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