Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Day 2: Batu Pahat to Malacca (105km)

Zhe Yin did not join us for the ride to Malacca because his legs still hurt so he did a "cultural immersion" with Darren. He stayed with Darren's family and followed him to KL.

The next morning we left Darren's house at 0645hrs and cycled to a nearby hawker center for breakfast. It was simple fare of fishball noodles.
After breakfast we heading down to the Batu Pahat Padang which had this big monument of a stone and chisel. According to Darren, Batu = stone and Pahat = chisel.

Batu Pahat Padang

From Batu Pahat, we headed towards Muar which was our lunch stop. Along the way, Austin fell into a pothole and crashed somewhere along Sungei Balang. Lucky he only got a few scratches and no damages to the bike. Probably wouldn't have been the case if any of the racers crashed.
We arrived at the Muar bridge at around 1035hrs before having and early lunch at an indian food shop.

Muar Clocktower

Left an hour later and headed to Malacca using the new AMJ highway. The last 10km or so before Malacca was quite hilly. Upslope, followed by a plateau and upslope again. Reached Malacca at about 1335hrs.

Being a short ride compared to the first day, we were way ahead of schedule. The Malaccan contacts didnt expect us to be so early and we ended up waiting and hour before they turned up. Our service apartment would not be available till 6pm so we decided to walk around till then.

The fort we visited

Visited some fort and people were probably wondering why these bunch of guys are walking around in tights.

Finally got into the service apartment at 6pm, showered and went out for makan at Jonker Walk, nothing special here. Food taste just like what we have back home. Atmosphere is also just like Chinatown.

Jonker Walk with Malaccan Rovers

Eye on Malaysia

Went to sit the Eye on Malaysia after dinner and had supper at a burger place which sold very hard and dry burgers. Yuck! Not really lucky with food in Malacca.

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