Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Basic Bicycle Maintenance Workshop at Shimano Cycling World

The paddlers who also pedal.

Joined by 2 other paddlers I met at a Level 2 coaching course for kayaking, I went down for the very Basic Bicycle Maintenance Workshop by Shimano Cycling World at the Singapore Sports Hub.

It was really very basic and not really hands on, but would have been very useful if I was a new cyclist.

A very 5S setup.

Some of the topics covered was adjusting brakes (caliper, v-brakes and disc brakes), changing of an inner tube and pre-ride checks.
The good thing was that after the session, the trainer/marketer, Dicky welcomed everyone to come down and play with the DuraAce Di2 equipped sample bicycle. Some participants stayed back to try removing and putting back the rear wheels, I asked some questions on disc brakes and requested for another demo on how to centre the brake pads.

Ultimately, as I've said, it was a basic session and the trainer recommended going to a local bike shop for more advanced stuff. Have to admit it was pretty interesting, but I was disappointed that he did not go on to show how to replace disc brake pads :(

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