Saturday, March 26, 2016

Cycling to Coney Island!

After having cycled past the entrance to Coney Island countless times, I finally went inside for a ride!
I usually ride around the PCN on my roadie commuter setup which unfortunately means it wouldn't be comfortable riding in the "trails" of the Coney Island Park Connector.
I cycled in via the gravel/sandy path next to the Lorong Halus Bridge to reach the East Entrance. I definitely wouldn't advice anyone on a road bike to ride in via this route unless you don't mind the extremely bumpy ride.

Good thing I came on my All Terrain Commuter setup. Riding on this terrain, Riding this trail, I realised I've forgotten how comfortable it was to ride knobbies and front shocks.


Came out via the West Entrance 2.4km later. Didn't take much pics because it started to rain shortly after I entered the island :(

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