Saturday, July 10, 2010


Found an alternative route that avoids the ridiculous Bendemeer junction on my commute to Kallang.
From Upper Serangoon Rd, turn into Wan Tho Ave and use these small roads to reach Macpherson Rd where the Royal Sporting House building is. From here, I will still need to go through the construction detour, however, I need not filter lanes and can stay on the left side.
Just need to watch out for the PIE exit when approaching Bendemeer Rd.

On the subject of commuting, anyone noticed that they're paying quite a bit more for the bus fares? My bus fare to school has increased by 25% since SBS changed to the new distance fare rates on 3rd July.

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  1. It is good to keep looking for alternative safer roads. Last time I simply followed bus routes as that was my previous mode of transport before cycling. With the help of [Google] maps and GPS, I came to realize there are many better routes.

    Regarding bus fares, this time it is a good change. Before this, all "adjustments" = increments. This time, some do get fare reduction. However, I think the issue is that usually previous increments were usually near the 5% range whereas this time, 25% seems quite common for those who experience increase of fares.

    I would look at it one of these ways:
    1) be happy that you were being "under-charged" all along as I think going by distance is fairer.
    2) review your route, probably there is a shorter/faster route. E.g. I used to take MRT from TPY to Buona Vista. This change trigger me to research a little and found that changing to bus 106 at Orchard MRT is a cheaper route for me.



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