Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A little too much

Spotted this interesting post on togoparts made by Humongous. He has 3 bike profiles on Togoparts, which I think means he is a paying member.
Its about how he was followed by another cyclist thinking he was a bike thief. The cyclist took it upon himself to interrogate Humongous which included asking why he was not in "proper attire" and why he was not using clipless pedals.

Er.. I've been commuting in sandals and "non-proper attire" for the past 2 years. Oh dear! Would be interesting to meet this guy on the road though. Especially since I usually carry a camera with me :)

"There are also over zealous self thought pseudo "police" scizhophrenic man on the prowl. And i happened to meet one last week.

I was riding my wife 14" XS Kona Kula Primo and stop at the junction of Singapore Expo and ITE college East, and a fellow cyclist riding a Orbea HT with RS SID coupled with CK hub with Mavic 717 pulled up next to me. And start asking where i got the bike, and why am i riding something not fitting to my size. Plus I am not properly attired, how come not wearing clipless, he specifically state that he suspect that the bike might be a stolen bike, and asked me to produce a receipt or proof of purchase.

I replied i got the frame at tay and set it up 3 years ago at L&T, as to why i am not in proper attire, i was delivering some aquatical stuff to my wife who happen to work in Xin Lin . I told him that the bike was fitted with platform pedal how to wear cliplless shoes...

I told him i have the bike in a online webby TGP profile with some upgrade not updated and if he is not satisfied can always call in the men in blue... , he replied maybe the bike profile is alter to suit the loot.. i am bewildered by his condescending tone... and proceeded with my errand, and he tailed me all the way to my wife workplace and threatened to called the cop. I replied why dont you Just Do It?

After which i returned and stop by outside Bedok NPC and asked that stalker whether to go in and lodge a report. i will gladly do so if he was dead sure that i am a bike thief.... if not just leave me alone. He murmured some @#$%^&* and rode off.

It is good to be vigilant but to such extent.... it is over the hill...."

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