Thursday, March 25, 2010

We lost a good one.

We stand, as it were, on the shore,
and see multitudes of our fellow beings struggling in the water,
stretching forth their arms, sinking, drowning,
and we are powerless to assist them. - Felix Adler

Benjamin Mok avid cyclist and bicycle tourer was hit by a drunk driver while cycling along Clementi Road. It was reported in the Straits Times today that he has passed away.
What saddens me is that the driver who hit him was a doctor, but instead of rendering aid, the good doctor chose to flee the scene. So much for the hippocratic oath.

Here's a scan of the newspaper article.

I may not have known him personally, but anyone who has read his blog would know that the cycling community has lost a good guy. He was even nice enough to leave a short encouragement when I blogged about having doubts on cycling to Malacca.

Rest In Peace.

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