Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Strange behaviour

Went to Fernvale LRT to collect some bike stuff from UncleAhPei aka Alex and did some "unplanned exploration" on the way home when I missed a right turn. I finally got myself onto Upp Serangoon Rd and passed a guy on a blue MTB just before Hougang Plaza.
I noticed MTB guy perk up when he saw me and after passing him, he promptly jumped off the curb onto the road, overtook me then went back onto the pavement. I was only cycling at 25km/h. He must be so proud of himself.

I couldnt help but think of the dogs at Lim Chu Kang that chase you when you cycle by. Its not the first time it has happened though.


  1. Reminds me of canines that comes a chasing. Once you're out of their territory, they will happily go their own way once more. Only in this case it seems more like a case "territorial roaming" with no boundaries. As long as u are near them. Makes for an interesting proxemics case study.

  2. I believe 25 km/h is a very fast speed for MTB.

    Regarding dogs, my experience is that avoid approaching/passing them too quietly. Make some noise, put on lights, and reduce speed should help.

  3. Just felt that it was kind of meaningless and dangerous to suddenly charge out onto the road from the pavement, cycling in the middle of the lane then cutting across infront of me before moving back to the pavement again.

    25km/h might be considered fast, if not for the fact that all that happened within 20meters.
    A meaningless sense of satisfaction. One that could have led to an accident involving not only himself. But other innocent people trying to go home(me).



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