Sunday, June 7, 2009

In Need Of Some TLC

The RM22 tires that were bought during the Malaysia trip need to be changed!
I've ordered a Michelin Speedium 2 from Chainreactioncycles and am waiting for their arrival. At $21, thats $7 than the cheapest tires found locally.

The Vee Rubber tire has gotta go after surviving about 2200km.
First, a nail punctured the tire, leaving a small little hole which I patched up with some duct tape.
Then there was another puncture few weeks back while cycling home from Toa Payoh.
And today, it caused a slow leak. Was cycling to Kallang and when I finally reached, the ride become really bumpy. Looked down and realised the tire was really soft. Managed to cycle home though.

Now that I have more free time, I've gotta do some bike maintenance.
  1. Change new rear tire
  2. Due a full bike cleaning
  3. Replace bar tape

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