Thursday, May 7, 2009

A weekly affair?

Its the 3rd time in a row that I've gone for the Monday hill climb up Mt. Faber. Quite a change from the cycling I normally do. Used to go for distance rides, long but at a comfy pace.
Climbing Faber actually works the heart, can feel it pounding. There's been improvement though.
Starting out with only 2.5 rounds the first time, I then did 3.5 rounds on the second week, followed by 5 rounds on Monday.
Pumping up the tires seemed to have an effect, climbing was not as draggy this week.

Also to make the most out of the climbs, I've been trying to improve my bike handling. What I've been doing is going down the bends with minimal braking, taking the corners at speeds of 25-30km/h.

Having done this, the fear of slipping while cornering on a mtb using slicks seems irrational. Im doing turns using 2cm tires, while they use 1.5inch tires. Rubbish.

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