Thursday, May 14, 2009

Filtering lanes

One thing I really cannot tahan is cycling on roads that have a left turn lane which is 2 lanes wide. This means I have to filter right to avoid getting channeled into the left turn, assuming I wanna go straight ahead.

There's one along Lornie road thats really quite annoying. First, there's a left turn at the PIE at the end of the Lornie Road and the beginning of Adam road. I have to filter lanes to keep on going straight. Then a short distance away, there's another one going into the PIE again. I have to filter 3 lanes across and that can be freaky on bad days.

Another one I frequently go pass is the one along Braddell road, there's a 2 lane left turning into Toa Payoh. Traffic moves quite quickly along that stretch cos of some cars coming out of the CTE. Filtering lanes can be quite a hair-raising experience!

Luckily the driver behind me today was a decent guy/gal. He/she let me filter lanes and didnt overtake or horn me when I took control of the lane to prevent anyone from cutting me off. Drivers like this make commutes less stressful.
A big thanks to whoever you are.


  1. The one from Braddel Rd to Toa Payoh is indeed tricky. Similarly troubling is getting out of ToaPayoh via the over pass to go towards Upp. Serangoon. Surprisingly, I found Toa Payoh streets a bit too troubling than most other roads. I cannot pin down on anything other than the fact that I do not know the roads very well.

    I initially found a few turns along Paya Lebar,Old Airport Rd etc., a bit unnerving. But after a while, I got to the pulse of the traffic and ended up adjusting to the conditions early and filter at a convenient time (looking for fast traffic coming over, taking advantage of red lights etc...)

    guess what i am trying to say is that once we have enough trips along the road, one can adjust to th epulse and anticpate the traffic well. Good luck..

  2. Check out this suggestion for avoiding that filter on Lornie Road:

  3. Hey thanks for sharing!
    Wont have to go to school again till Jan though. Heh.



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