Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Cycling in the rain

Yesterday was the first time cycling to school this semester. Took a different route back home instead of following the bus service 74 route. Cut through Braddell Rd to Upper Serangoon instead of going through AMK.

Can see the route here
Saved myself 1km and a few right turns. Much more convenient.
Still sticking to the same route for going to school because cycling along Upper Serangoon in the morning isn't a good idea and filtering 3 lanes to make the right turn to Braddell will be quite tough.

Unfortunately, the terrain is not as flat. And it rained while I was few hundred meters away from Upper Serangoon Road.

It was pouring, there was lightning and it was uphill. So I decided to take shelter at the nearest bus stop.
I swear, that had to be the wettest bus stop in Singapore. There I was sitting at the bench and rain was flying in straight at me. Just sat there for 20min waiting for the rain to ease up and the lightning to go away.

This is the 5th time I've cycled in the rain since March. Quite exciting really. Just that its too freaking cold even though Im wearing a jacket. The jacket blocks windchill, but I can feel the cold when the raindrops hit me. The jacket is really thin.

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  1. On the contrary, I think Upper Serangoon Road is perfect for riding in th morning. I find the traffic in the evening a bit unruly and there are more people violating the Bus-lane code.

    I ride 2-3 times a week on Upp Serangoon Rd and if you take the bus lane, it is smooth sailing all the way to Bendemer road. Some mornings you have the protection of Traffic Cops keeping the bus lane completely free. Just make sure you give way to buses.



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