Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Back to school

Today was my first day of school after the holidays. Ended up in the morning session, so its gonna be quite crazy to cycle to school. From past experience, traffic is bumper to bumper and when I get to Lornie road, I need to be very assertive so I dont get cut off by drivers.
The riding conditions are way too stressful. Cant really enjoy the ride, so I will just squeeze with the rest of Singapore in a bus.

For this semester, my class has been split into half and instead of a huge lecture hall I am now assigned to a small classroom. I used to put the bike at the back of the lecture hall through the back door which leads to the carpark. Most of my classmates never even realised there was a bike.
However, in this small classroom, I've gotta carry the bike up a flight of stairs and put it at the side of the class where its impossible to miss.

Maybe I'll just ride to school on Saturdays and hope the lecturer doesnt mind the bike being in class.

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