Saturday, March 28, 2009

Pengerang to Desaru (Almost!)

Went cycling with Lawrence and one of his friends, Alvin.
Damn expensive to ride like that. $9 per person, $2 per bike. That's one way.
When coming back, its the same price unless you try to get on a boat at after 4pm. Those bumboat drivers are like taxi drivers, we waited for an hour and no boats turned up. Only at 4.05pm did they come and "offer" their services.
With an added premium of course. They are working OT! For their inconvenience, you pay $2 more.

Well, the ride was pretty uneventful. Cycled at about 15-20km/h, Alvin was using some no name full sus bike and had trouble keeping at a decent speed.
We turned back 10km away from Desaru because Alvin had cramps and we hit our turn-around timing.

Endless roads

Turning point

Had originally planned to do a leisure ride from Changi - ECP - Tanjong Rhu - Kallang - Home, but after that agonising 1hour wait for the ferry in the stuffy terminal, I decided enough was enough and I'd go home.
Judging by the way things have been going today, chances are I would have crashed into some kids along ECP or get run over by a car along Kallang.

The only good thing I suppose was the lunch. It was cheap, but remember.. I had to pay $23 to get there and back. Lunch consisted of sambal kang kong, butter lobster, oyster omelette, hot plate tou fu and wild boar meat.

Replacing the fats I've burnt

Really loved the oyster omelette. It was the old school type with the small little oysters. The butter lobster was great too! Shiok shiok. RM8 for 100g.

Rest of the pics here


  1. Hi guys, let me know when your next trip? Can count me in. Perhaps a 2D/1N will allow rest n sightseeing. Tks.

  2. hi there.. yew kwong? unfortunately, i've been super busy and wont have time to go on any trips till next yr :(



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