Thursday, March 19, 2009

Commuting daily (almost!)

Its been a busy week, I've taken up coaching job assignments almost everyday from Lower Seletar to Kallang to Pasir Ris. And the best thing is, I've been cycling to all the coaching venues.

The route one takes on commutes really makes a difference. Got a few examples from the trips to and fro the coaching venues.

For example, it is about 16km from my place to Lower Seletar but I take the same amount of time to get there as compared to going to SIM which is 13km away from home. The route is relatively flat and free of traffic, making it an enjoyable and stress free ride.

Another example is Pasir Ris, similar distance as Kallang, but due to the more ulu roads I take, it is more enjoyable than riding to Kallang, where I have to squeeze with all the cars. The best thing about the route is that I barely break a sweat in the morning! Its that relaxing!

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