Wednesday, March 25, 2009

A budget commuter?

My bike has been given to commuter status. Using it more for commuting than leisure rides.
Now Im thinking Im better off with a MTB. Racers are more efficient and all that, but its near impossible to find a cheap one with eyelets to mount racks.
Touring bikes cost a bomb. A new Surly LHT will cost $1800 w/o the rack.

Currently thinking of getting a GT Avalanche for a commuter cum touring bike. Would probably handle my rough riding much better. Im not exactly a speed demon so I doubt 26" wheels and knobbies would be a problem. Max speed on my racer to date is 51km/h. There are probably some MTB that have gone faster.

I dont think my racer is too happy about me riding over grass patches and uneven ground.
Have had the front wheel skip off the ground on a few occasions due to bumpy road conditions too. The carbon frame means I have to be extra careful too.


  1. Not to spam, but I have a bike for sale if you are interested. You can read about it here and here.

    Am not sure if it will fit you but if it does and fits your budget, the bike might be a great choice for commuting / touring. Comes with rack and fenders too. You can drop a mail if you are interested at nat AT pedscapades DOT com.

  2. I've seen your ad. Unfortunately, 58cm is way... to big for me. Im only 1.7m tall :)
    Thanks for the offer anyway.

    Are you caucasian?
    I remember seeing a caucasian guy riding a similar bike near my place.



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