Thursday, December 4, 2008

Ride with SMBF cyclists

I wanted to gather some Sengkang, Hougang pple for a ride and organised a ride to Changi Village on the SMBF forum. 13 pple ended up coming!
When we reached Changi Village, the newbies probably didnt feel much of a kick. We were going at about 20km/h the whole 16km to CV.
We decided to go to Changi Coast Rd to try speeding before heading to ECP. This prolonged the ride by another 20km or so. Still not fit enough to use the big chainring for spinning. Max speed only 37km/h after drafting a guy riding at GT Avalanche. -.-" End up getting cramp somemore. Paiseh.

Most interesting bike that night was a Surly Pugsley with super fat tires. Like a motorbike!

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