Friday, November 21, 2008


Events that led up to the fall.
  1. Tires hit pavement and started to rub against it.
  2. Jammed the front brake.
  3. Tried to steer away from pavement.
What went wrong
  1. Jamming the front brake.
    Jamming the front brake locked the wheel.

  2. Steering with a locked wheel.
    When wheels are locked, steering ability is lost.
What went well
  1. Usage of front brake.
    Front brakes provided 70% of stopping power in an emergency braking situation
Learning points:
Control my fear and do not panic! Modulate the front brake to prevent the wheel from locking.
I experienced difficulty steering away from the pavement because my wheels were locked. Had I stayed calm and modulated my braking, I might have been able to steer away and prevent the fall.
Imagine if it were disc brakes! Probably would have flipped over the handlebars.

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  1. HAHA OMG. what a detailed recount of the incident u had! good job! hahahah!



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